We are BBT Translation Services - a Professional Language Translation Services Online, and we are a translation agency located in the USA. We provide Professional Translation Services - Certified Translations in over 150 Languages. 

We specialize in a variety of fields such as legal translation for contracts and court documents, medical translation for medical reports and insurance claims, certified translation of personal certificates such as birth/marriage and divorce certificates, translation for immigration – USCIS, financial translation such as paystubs, financial statements and bank statements, and translation for education of academic records such as diplomas, transcripts and grade sheets. We adhere to the standards for certified translations in the USA and we guarantee acceptance.

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Certified and Notarized

Our translations bear a certificate of accuracy and an affidavit signed by the translator and a notary and placed in our letterhead with the logo of ATA. We guarantee acceptance.

Professional Translators

We have a database of 2000 experienced translators and we can always accommodate that translator that is fit for the job.  We offer 24-48 hours service.

We are members of ATA

We are members in good standing of ATA - American Translators Association and we adhere to the standards required for a certified translation in the USA.

Translation of Languages