We provide professional financial translation services in more than 150 languages such as Hebrew English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, French, Portuguese, Czech and many more. At BBT Translation Services we offer financial translations performed by translators experienced in the financial field. They are fluent with the financial terminology used by the country of destination. Like any other field - medical, legal, marketing, etc. – the Financial Sector contains a unique terminology.

Methods of accounting and financial terminology vary between countries, and the professional translator can identify these differences and recognize them.

We provide financial translation of many financial documents in any language: Accounting documents, Bank statements, Business ledgers, Business plans, Credit documents, Customer surveys, Financial records, Foreign bank statements, Forms - 106, 1301, General presentations, Insurance, Investments, Israel Land Administration records, Israel Tabu Documents, Leasing, Loan documents, Mortgages, Pay Stubs, Payroll services, Proof of income, Real estate documents, Savings statements, Tax records.

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We offer the following translation services

Financial Translations

Get your money back - when you travel abroad and need to be reimbursed for your expenses - we can translate invoices, receipts, proof of purchase, credit card statements, utility bills, tax bills, proof of income abroad, form 106, form w'2, form 1301 and many other forms.

  • Certified and Notarized
  • Conversion into US Dollars
  • Members of ATA

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When you order from us a Hebrew English or Spanish English financial translation you will receive a professional, accurate and perfect translation. Conversion of currency is available upon request. The translation is inserted on our letterhead and it bears our seals and stamp. A certified translation also includes an affidavit of accuracy signed by the translator and a notary.