Translation of documents - Implications of legal translation of documents An inaccurate legal translation can cause the adverse opinion of the person reading the legal translation and will affect the person whom the text was translated for. Translation of such documents requires sticking to the original - all legal terms must be translated to their closest equivalent in the target language!

As mentioned, legal translation includes a wide variety of documents such as: translation of contracts, patent translation, court affidavits, birth certificates, legal translation, translation of legal document, translation of contracts, and translation of agreements. We can notarize and certify any translation with no additional charge.

Do you have a document or a legal contract that you want to translate? Call us today for a quote and we will provide you with the best legal translation!

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Legal Translation

Do you have a document or a legal contract that you want to translate?

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When you order from us a Hebrew English or Spanish English legal translation you will receive a professional, accurate and perfect translation. The translation is inserted on our letterhead and it bears our seals and stamp. A certified translation also includes an affidavit of accuracy signed by the translator and a notary.